dinsdag 29 maart 2016

Het Eiland - S. J. Paul

The latest book I`ve finished is this first instalment of a new youth adult series, called De Eilanden serie (The Islands series) by flemish writer S. J. Paul.

Whom I know personally, being in my LUG and we had a good laugh at last years FACTS, where I bought the book (and it`s personally adressed to boot ;-) )


When 16 year old Stef wakes up on a rocky beach, he has no idea how he got there.  Going inwards, he discovers a peacefull village populated only by children, the oldest around his age.

Wanting to return to the normal world, he causes a riptide in this community who have never known anything else then the village, and the island seems to be thwarting all his attempts to uncover the truth.

He goes looking for someone named De Geest (the Ghost) and when he finds him at last with the help of some of the other children, a chilling truth emerges, and it is only a question if the island itself would ever let him return to his previous life.


First, let me say this is not my usual genre of reading at all.  But it wasn`t bad, feeling a bit like a mixture of Lost and The Maze Runner to me personally (which is good, because even though it pains me to say, current day`s target audience is to young to remember Lost... darn I`m getting old).

The book had a nice selection of twists and unexpected directions, and the end was a real suprise.  But to be honest, it`s my GF, who is literally ripping through it nowadays, that is really excited about getting the second part of the series, De Wolf.

It was a good read though, well done S. J. (whose real name I won`t reveal on this little corner of the internet)

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