zaterdag 12 maart 2016

Lego Build: 10679 Pirate Treasure Hunt

In today`s build report, I`m putting together one of last year`s Juniors sets, and one I really, really like.

Surely, there isn`t much of a challenge to this range for an AFOL, but never the less, this has some very lovely features, and the fact that all Juniors sets have printed pieces only over stickers is a superb bonus.

I got this set in the local Kruidvat store at a 15% discount, not immense but never the less that`s a good price for some of the `only in this set` elements, whom are ticking up already on BrickLink, considering the set only remained in the store for one year.  I`m actually picking them up now whenever I find them.

The set comes with a great looking pirate, with the handlebar moustache I`ll definitly be re-using in my MOCs, a shark and the poor skeleton who seems to be the previous finder of the treasure.  I`ll be swapping their hats around afterwards for MOC use though, as I `play` the british in Brethren of the Brick Seas, and he`ll make a good addition to the crew of one of my ships.

The first part of the set is the Pirate `ship`, which is basically just a small rowing boat, which has some of the pieces I love.

Like this map, probably THE reason I wanted the set as as far as I know it is unique to the set for now, and adds a nice `reworking` to the map of the 1989 range.

I`m not to wild on the other hand of the Pirates flag, being a bit to cartooney for my personal taste, though I do have a small idea where I`ll be reusing that on in the future.  Call it a vague MOC idea of a 16th century theatre with a pirate play or something.

The small building is based on the light green plate where green tiles are added to, but also this nice looking rounded element.  I honestly hadn`t seen this part before in any of the sets I bought before.

Now this wall is something I really like, being printed it is definitly recycable as well.  And it comes with good window parts as well, making them a magnificent piece.

Once the wall has been added to the base and build up some, we get another gem from this set in the form of the black treasure chest.

A little tree and the unfortunate owner are then added and the small wall section is done.

The set comes with some always handy extra elements:

And so it looks completed:

Now, with the rowing boat hull, the shark, the pirate head, the map, the wall, the flag AND the black chest, this really is a set that has been overlooked unrightfully in my opinion by many builders.  I`m surely glad I grabbed it before it went out completely, and even at his basic price of 8 euro this is a nice source for parts.


I also did a short video on this set, just well, because I`m trying my hand at making those short geeky films ;-)

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