zondag 15 september 2019

New life... and a new hobby life

Well, this has been quite a suprise, as Noshi is pregnant of Little Ipsqueek.

Against all medical odds, my best miniature ever made is growing inside her now, and of course that means big changes to our personal lives now.

Sure, I have to give up the mancave even before I ever had it, and our journeys will be closer to home now for the coming years, not to mention how the whole of daily life will be changing.

And of course, that has a serious influence on my hobby life as well, as storage will be reduced from a whole mancave sized room to the smaller room that was suppossed to become our dressing.  But it is worth it.

Let's just call it a Hobbit Hole instead of a Man Cave shall we...

However, that also means serious cut downs in the forces and games I'll be keeping, and after a whole lot of thinking, I settled down on of course my lord of the Rings as a stayer, but also a smaller sized force for 40k in the form of my T'au Gundam force, a cross use Slaanesh demon force for 40k and Age of Sigmar, and a tournament size force of Dragon Empire for T9A... things to tackle the tournament scene with in other words next year.
But all the other 'big game system' plans have been cancelled and the forces will be sold off to make place for the little Hobbit on the way.

Yes, all those pink space marine forces are going to go on the high road,  though I'm still in doubt wether to go the online way, which generally gives a better price but comes with all the packing and shipping hasle, or try the Crisis bring and buy first this year.  Where it would be someone else's packing hasle hehehe...

I will alos be keeping smaller game system forces like Anima Tactics, Relic Knights or Blood Bowl for example, but that will be more for the figures or the occassional home game then really for building large collections, as the only large one remaining will indeed be Middle Earth in all it's glory!

So let's have a small tour of this Hobbit Hole then, in which I've tried to make optimal use of closets and desks to give as much space as possible, on a 7 square meter floorplan... I'll post it up in a few weeks after the floors are put in and the whole shabang is painted and furnitured.  Because I'm still in doubt how to "orientate" my paint desk vs miniature cabinet :-)

Does make the packing up and move job easier though... IF all the non-movers will be at Crisis ready to be sold off...

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  1. Hey congratulations! Kids are certainly wonderful, just not for your hobby time for a few years. Hope everything goes smoothly.