donderdag 19 september 2019

Woodlands and Ruins

The TSA 9th Age tournament draws closer as it is only a thick month away, so it's time to expand a little on the scenery collection as parts of it will go there that day.

And that meant it was time to (finally?) complete some CD terrain I have been building, yet not finishing, for months.

The first of the forest CD terrain was done as far back as the AHPC this year, when they stood along Treebeard in my Fangorn entry.  But now I got round to completing the remaining three as well.

The same goes for these four ruined pillars CD terrain pieces, 3D prints I started out beginning in May, and only completed the loose ones back then.  I now based the remainder up as well to put on the table.

It's not the biggest amount of terrain but to fill in holes on the planned tables, this is a nice little addition...

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