donderdag 19 september 2019

The YouTube plans

A few days ago, in THIS post, I talked about how I'd want to update my YouTube channel more often and take it to the "next level".

Now, to that end I have some ideas about what I'd want to do, as well as bringing in some more regular features to the channel.

For example, I'll be going back to taping as much as possible my weekly painting desk videos, instead of the back to pictures I have been doing the past years (bar some short intermezzo's) due to time constraints.  but now that I'm all settled in in the new hobbit hole, it is a more feasible thing to do again.

On the same note, I am going to make videos now with all the monthly finished models, using the "insert pictures in video's" style that is often found in our hobby channels.  On that note, I have some other ideas to do with this style of videotaping as well, namely...

Battle Reports.  I don't have the space to set up a full studio and tape whole games, but I can make a narrative as I insert the pictures I take on my games into a longer video clip.  That way, my games will be featured both here, as well as on YouTube, in two different formats.  Here like how it has always been, and on YouTube by having to listen to my crooky rasping voice heheheharharHAA.

Another thing I'll be doing more frequently is placing my Opinion pieces back on YouTube.  You know, those ramblings and ideas I put down right here, like the one you are actually reading right now.

Another thing I'm looking into at the moment is the actual URL of the channel.  You can personalize it, but I have been found eligible for a custom URL.  Not the fanciest smanciest of names but heck, at least I *might* be able to remeber it myself for one x-D .
At least people can't complain it's for the money, because AddSense in Belgium is totally bogus and YouTube is de-monitized here on about abything short of cute kitten videos.  It's a labour of love and because I just like doing what I do: typing content and taping little clips.

So that's about the big ideas I have for the moment, now to work it out concretely...

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