vrijdag 14 januari 2022

Gigant volume 5 - Hiroya Oku

 Papico is back on the reading table as I managed to obtain volume 5 a while ago.

And in this fifth volume, called The Savior of Shinjuku, we are immediatly thrown in the action!
The story picks up with Chiho facing off against the remaining Gods of destruction in Tokyo, and overcoming them by her "shrink then grow" technique. The result of her defeating the giants seems to be the catalyst to bring down the ETE website, but during a very passionate reunion with Rei her cellphone suddenly starts talking to her.

When a large satanic being attacks New York, the States send in their giant superhero team and sees them slaughtered to a man in moments.  But in Japan, four mysterious travellers gather together to combat the evil as well... and looking for this "Papico". 

Yes, I have gripes with this issue.  The first chapter is only the battle, so okay, there is not much dialogue in that understandably, but the whole second chapter of the book is nothing else then people shouting Papico as she becomes the saviour and people's hero.  Never the less, I`m still enjoying the series, but this book felt a bit of a let down to be honest...

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