woensdag 22 mei 2024

On Tour to the Frituur part 3: Frituur 'T Sluis in Wijnegem

 Originally, this instalment would have been about my regular fires place, but I didn't get round to that so instead it became a review of another place I visited recently.

Stuck in heavy traffic, in need of a cold drink, I stepped inside frituur 'T Sluis located nearby a place where I needed to pick up a Mondial Relay parcel.

The adress?  Turnhoutsebaan 490 in 2110 Wijnegem, located on the end of the main road in Wijnegem, nearby the bridge over the canal.  At the moment of my vist, as you could see, there where roadworks in progress, also the reason traffic was dramatic.

My order

A small fries with fries-sauce, which is a sort of sweet mayonaise and sate spices, a snack stick - a stick filled with pieces of various snacks, like a curryworst and a kipcorn (chicken in a coat of crispy batter), alternated with a piece of onion, and that fridgecold coca cola, the whole order coming down to 9.80 euro.
The fries where baked nicely crispy and dry, which was the same for the snack stick, no grease leaking of it at all.  The ordering went nice, the chinese couple behind the counter working efficiently in tandem.
The place also was roomy, even though there aren't that many seatings for eating in, but not to many people do that these days, just the youth and some lost, thirsty, blogger.


The prices are on the average side, the food itself baked nicely as it should be, and the staff was friendly, so I'm giving this the perfect average score, as it didn't have any specialities to discover, but nothing was wrong either with it.  I do give it a half bonus point as I got a metal fork with my food, instead of those fiddly tiny plastic ones, so that will be 7.5 out of 10 for Frituur 'T Sluis.

And so the time comes to explore the next place, it might be my regular place, or it might be something completely different, who knows where the nose will lead me...

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