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Warhammer Underworlds Tournament at Games Workshop Antwerp May 2024

 Announced as a "Rivals tournament... with a twist" the local Games Workshop store organised a tournament the 19th of may.


And so I went to play, taking along Elathain's Soulraid whom I just seem to be able to pilot the easiest, it's something in their manipulation aggro that clicks with me.  And I just love playing around with the Spinefish, not to mention it brought success in Halle.

The tournament had only 2 participants, and the twist was that they would be working with a sort of knock-out ladder system to victory as seen above from my Messenger with the store staff.  But as due to the event placed in the middle of a long weekend, and many out on family business as such, Phil, the store manager, added an extra layer and changed the twist.

Both me and Peter would play best of 3, BUT we each would face the newly released White Dwarf as well for a chance to win the special promo card.

The benefit was though, a lot of promo goodies where handed out, so a deck box, alternate art cards and the move / charge acryll tokens are now all in my possession.

So, time to go at it for the best of three then, in a rumble for the shard against Skabbik's Plaguepack, a warband I didn't fear that much with my Soulraid, except Rabidius Skench with his 3 damage attack and as a result my prime target.

Now, I had a bit of a benefit of having played against his Plaguepack already in the past weeks, albeit with Skaeth, but he never faced my Soulraid, not even when preparing for Halle.  Of course, he knows I'm, to put it mildy, an ABC player, but would he be prepared for the tidal flood that is the aggressive, infiltration aggro that the Soulraid brings?

Well, he wasn't in the first game, as some quick charges immediatly launched me out of the gates on glory, only to have it round out further, including a returning from the dead Tammael, during the later rounds, resulting in a swift 12-5 victory for the Soulraid.

It was then my turn to face the White Dwarf, and with his "bubble" of only getting one damage until he plays one of his abilities from your discard pile (I know, it sounds weird, but all the rules are in WD 500) I just charged headlong to face the storm of the old grumpy, 5 attack dice dwarf, and nibbled at his wounds.  I managed to bring him down (even with Spinefin dodging his attacks lol) in the third round, with only my fish and Tammael remaining, but scoring 6-3.

Then Peter took on the venerable legend, but unfortunatly he ran out of time with the White Dwarf at only a single hit point remaining.

Being able to defeat the White Dwarf netted me an additional promo card, namely Temporary Retrieve from the Hungering Parasyte deck, while Peter got the other one as picked winner for best painted.

After the lunchbreak, we went back at it with the second round in the struggle for the shard.  I launched again aggressively, but my first attacks failed to take out one or two of his minions, and as he started counter charging I lost Elathain before he had a chance to do something.

I was on the backfoot, and unable to do anything, in the end only Spinefin remaining and a 16-11 loss tossed my way.  It would all come down to the final game.

And here, I opted for once to take it a bit more slowly as he deployed aggressively, boosted by the success of bringing the fight to me in the second game.  Fuirann launched her usual kamikaze run, taking down Poxlix, while Tammeal immediatly dispatched Rikkit, but I remained on my half this time, even foregoing scoring some objectives like having three on his half.  Elathain dispatched the infiltrating Skritter, denying him the glory he could possibly score.

In turn two, I ganged up on Rabidius, taking that threat out, though Fuirann traditionally fell, before striking on Itchitt, first with some Spinefin Toxin before a charging Elathain took that one down, scoring more points.  The Lurelight also helped increasing my total at this point. 

In the final round, all I did was chase his leader with Duinclaw, to round out the game with the juicy Dead or Doomed, and a 15-6 victory on the table.

The shard was mine!!!

Thanks to the people of the store for organising the event, Peter for the fun games (and additional pictures) and Phil for joining in with the White Dwarf for some lovely gaming time!

I love my Elathain, two events in two different formats, yet he brought me the glory home two times now.  He will definitly be honoured with an Underworlds tattoo after the summer (and I already drew the concept of what I am going to be placing)!

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