dinsdag 21 mei 2024

Shin Ikkitousen

 Time for some harem fighting girls anime in this 3 part OVA Shin Ikkitousen.

And this time, it is the reincarnated spirit of Himiko, the former queen of Yamatai, that comes to Kanto.  And the ecchi side is a bonus hehehe.
When Nanyou Academy is savagely attacked by Himiko's ally Yamada, out to retrieve a sacred sword stored there, Hakufu's sister Chuubou faces them.  She awakens the dragon in her, but falls in a deep unconsciousness state as a result.  Hakufu arrives just in time to stop the assault, back from her trip abroad.
Chuubou's Chi has been used up from the dragon manifesting, Hakufu is set out go to a sacred training ground linked to the underworld in order to get her power back.  Meeting an elderly lady, and a female monk called Ganryu she starts training by fighting back the undead, together with another girl called Tamonmaru.  But she sees visions of her friends Mou and Kan'u in the underworld, and goes to save them. 

Mou faces the spirit of Ryofu, who engages her.  Tamonmaru finds an opening under the altar of the abandoned temple, running into Mou who has overcome the spectre.  But as the flood of undead starts streaming the land, the others have to make a run for ut while Hakufu needs to search on to help her sister.  Tamonmaru stays behind to slow down the tide approaching, being grieveously impaled as she fights the mass.  Ganryu also stops the ascend to the exit, passing her sword to Mou before going back to aid her comrade.  But they are overwhelmed, and with the old master buying Mou the time she needs, she escapes with the sword.

And then the story basically ends, with a lot of open ends and arcs to be resolved... hopefully that will actually happen, instead of becoming another Queen's Blade anime.


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