zaterdag 25 mei 2024

The Haul Report 397: Wintermaw, incl tournament loot

Okay, first things first of the loot: the Wintermaw trophy!
Yes, I won last weeks tournament in the GW store in Antwerp.
 Well, things definitely took a turn for the better this week.

My Wintermaw copy arrived, so that means assembling and painting those lovely Skinnerkin as soon as I get round to it!
I obtained mine from a store in Lommel, and with a 20% discount that was a good deal, even with the 3.95 shipping, it only came to 67.95 for the box.

But there is more Wintermaw, as playing in the local Warhammer store event, I obtained some goodies.  
As well as issue 500 of White Dwarf, which in all honesty I only bought for the Underworlds and Warcry rules for Grombrindal, as well as the cards.

But my listing last week took another unexpected turn, as hours after I posted the previous episode of the Haul Report, I received an e-mail that my White Dwarf is being send, so that's way shorter then the prognosed 195 days from the order confirmation huzzaaah!  Though I should have checked the tracker earlier, apparently he was already in the store when I went to play the event doh!

That means I only have Rivals of the Mirrored City in back order, and I hope still that one day I will actually receive that set...

The final piece of loot that came my way is this classic Nightvault deckbox, a cheap find on Vinted.

So, that is a very GW'y amount of loot this week for sure, now to paint some more!

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