woensdag 29 mei 2024

Warhammer Underworlds: The Exiled Dead

 Okay, so this is an odd cookie in my painting schedule, as I just painted them up "because I felt like painting them" and no other reason.

Surely, I will actually play them one day, probably in Nemesis with something like Paths of Prophecy coupled, but it's not like that is on the planning anytime soon. 

While I went for a pretty normal colourscheme on the two leaders of the warband, I did do some experimenting for the skins of the zombies.

Using a series of blueish grey's, that I previously tried on the robes of Cyreni's Razors Namarthi thralls, I  wanted to recreate a look of a cold skin, and I must say I think the result is rather okay.

For the coils I went for some blue wiring, making it look from a distance that it is actually power jumping between the antenna instead of a wire running along them.

But they where a fun little project to paint in between, and went rather smoothly and fast, chalking up another warband completed for this year.

You gotta rock bang boom, electric boogaloo.  Turn the voltage higher...

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