donderdag 19 maart 2015

Coming Soon: ??? *I need a name*

Yeah, I bet SHE has grabbed your attention now, hasn`t she?

Which is great, because then you can help me out by reading along a bit more...

After 5 years of blogging here, I`m about to take the `next step`, namely vlogging and upping them to YouTube (with thanks to the Smurf, the channel has been set up).


I need a name for the planed series.  The idea is nothing new or spectacular.  Just a bloke nearing the 40 mark, brabbling about his toy addiction and Lego stuff, recorded in that most holiest of places... his man-cave.

But I`m going to be needing, as said, a name.  I`m inclined to go with something along the lines of "Von Geekington`s Vault" or something like that, but I ain`t to great in sucking names out of my thumb for those kind off things.

So if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know here.

OR alternatively, I am now also active at last on Twitter, where I can be found under @tomsche69 (feel free to follow me, I`ll follow you as well btw, still building out my connections there after having the account linger in limbo for years) and tweet me your suggestions please.

OR befriend me on Facebook, I`m there as Tomsche Meijin Murrath...

Let`s socialise, then ridicule as I put my ugly mug out to the world while chattering about kiddie stuffsies ;-)

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