woensdag 25 maart 2015

Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett

I never thought that when I started reading this book, it would be the last one ever to be published while sir Terry was alive.

So there is one more novel coming, but then, the Discworld will travel into the big galaxy upon it`s mighty Turtle and into legend.

Raising Steam ironically is the novel where the Discworld started changing.  The power of steam is at last harnessed by a young Sto Lat Engineer, Dick Simnel, and together with Moist von Lipwig and Harry King, they start modernising transportation on the disc.

But it also the novel where the population is changing.  The trolls have been well integrated in the world now, the goblins are following the path and their journey really opens in this book (and in a way, the one of the gnomes end before starting again) and the Dwarves... keep arguing wether or not progress is needed or has to be hold back, wether they should get out into the world or fold in upon their traditions.

It was a highly enjoyable work once more, with a lot of tongue in cheeck humour and subtle word plays, but now, the tale comes to an end.

Thanks Terry, it was a great journey...

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