vrijdag 6 maart 2015

The Starmax Bet: Update 1

Well, it has been a week now since the bet started, and once in a while, which is basically whenever something changes, I`m going to be doing an update on how it all progresses.

Last week, we started out with the Lion king Puzzle game and a budget of 4.25 left over out of the 5 euros we got to start this intresting journey with, and this week...

... I`ve spend 3 more out of the remaining `pot` to get this Thunderbirds jigsaw puzzle.

Numbering 250 pieces, it depicts all the main characters and the awesome vehicles of this classic Gary Anderson `super marionation` series from the 60s.

It has been produced way back in 1993, making it miss out on `vintage` by about 2 years (this is mainly considered the toy wave of action fiures going generally from `82 to `91), but it still clocks out at over 20 years of age and it looks good, and is complete.

Unfortunatly, the box does show it`s age, but once the easter holiday beginning of april has passed, I`m going to go in `overdrive` for the bet, as I`m currently doing research for the most.  It takes a lot of preparation, including convincing my friends to sniffle out any boxes from their youth and allowing me to grab into it (he, FREE is also part of the budget, and a potential loophole in the bet to exploit), and to be honest, I *might* already have someone I`m seeing this weekend who *has* a couple of StarCom items and *might* have the Starmax...

Current Status:

1 Lion King Puzzle game
1 Thunderbirds puzzle
1.25 euro of budget remaining

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