dinsdag 3 december 2019

Flames of War... again

Okay, the flesh is weak.  Or the mind.  Or maybe one can blame lack of resistance...

But yeah, years after I sold my Flames of War italians... I bought Flames of War italians, as you could see passing by in the haul reports from the previous weeks.

I don't actually know how it came to be.  Either when looking at the tournament calender on T3, or if it was due to painting them up in 6mm recently, but for some reason I decided for myself I had to go back and play the now 4th edition of the game.

So I hopped over to my favorite online dealer, Wayland Games, and bought the Avanti Savoia book (and "some" models), in order to get started with the Mid War period again.  Granted, it seems most tournaments these days are Late War, but there where no italians in the war anymore by then.  Nevertheless, I don't doubt mid war events will be popping up left and right as well, so it gives me ample time to paint and prepare my Compagnia Carri.

Because what is more heroic after all then going to battle with a collection of L6/40s and M14/41s "tanks".  It's like playing Halflings in Blood Bowl, defeats are normal and victories become epic stories.

Add to that that Battlefront changed from the resin and metal of the time I played to more and more plastic kits, and on the contrary to "that big industry giant" has caused to actually decrease the price of the models, and it is rather cheap to get back going in the game with a limited budget to spend on it.

So while not a goal, expect to see that force growing slowly over the coming months as I'll be painting them up as in betweeners from the more regular projects.

Avanti Savoia!

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