donderdag 6 juni 2019

Deadman Wonderland

Now on Netflix, me and Noshi sat down to watch this 12 episode series that has been on my to watch list ever since 2011.

And it was worth the wait for sure!

When his classroom is attacked by a mysterious Red Man, Ganta, the only surviving student, is sentenced to death in the amusement park based prison Deadman Wonderland.  Here he has to try to survive in a series of cruel games, all for the amusement of the people.

He soon learns he has a special power now just like all the other "deadman", in that he can use his blood as a weapon, an ability called Branch of Sin.  A mysterious girl, Shiro, takes a liking to him and protects him in jail, but soon he remembers he knew her as a child and that they had a special bond.

In the prison a special project, called Wretched Egg, is being developped as well, and it seems Shiro is at the center of it for some reason, unknown to both her and Ganta.  While this project keeps developping, Ganta joins a resistance movement which tries to break out from the cruel place...

And unfortunatly there it ends for the anime, as it goes unresolved on many areas and leaves us on our hunger. Which, just like No Game No Life, is a truly annoying fact because this was a fantastic series, but no second season has ever been made...

Never the less, pop by Netflix and watch the series, you won't regret it at all!

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