donderdag 27 juni 2019

Goals 2019 - the Halfway mark

June has ended, and the year has already been cut in half.

So where do we stand on our goals, whom have been "disrupted" in their schedule by finding a new place months before planned.

The first goal of the year, the AHPC Challenge, was succesfully completed on it's deadline, so not really a suprise there.

But then we come to the painting goals, and that is a totally different story for the moment.  Neither the Blood Bowl nor the Crisis figures have had their numbers swollen so far, and it'll be doubtfull I will be able to fully complete either of them as time stands now.

The same goes for the 1000 points of Rohan I had planned before the 11th of november, to be able to create a tournament force.  It stands lowly below 100 points so far, and I don't have any prognoses of actually being able to expand on them big time for now.

On the other hand, both 700 point goals of a Minas Tirith and a Mordor force are going strong, and they will easily reach their target before the end of the year I hope.  In the case of the former, completing Gandalf the White is more then sufficient, while for the latter a couple more orcs and minor characters to lead them is all that is required.

Should I also manage to complete a couple more Battle Companies during the remaining half year, that should maybe not obtain, but at least get me close to the aimed 300 MESBG figures I wanted to paint up this year, as that number now sits just shortly of the half way mark.  And goblins, humans and orcs tend to paint up fast, and tick that counter rather well with each upload.

Reading 20 books is still doable for this year, as in the half of the year, I'm about half way there as well.

However, the other three, respectively watching those amounts of anime series, movies and regular series, might prove a lot harder then expected at the beginning of the year.  Especially with the anime, as time to couchlounge is rather nihil during the coming months, and once we settle down on renovations it might be to far into the year to get it all to their numbers that I hoped to achieve...

On the wargame events level, even though I had to cancel attending some mega games and minor conventions due to above reasons, I should be able to attend at least two more tournaments, one convention (Crisis ofc) and perhaps even Armies on Parade again this year, so that on paper looks like it will get achieved.

But we soldier on never the less, and maybe, just maybe I can get the whole place finished earlier then projected (totally finished next year march, but living in ready end of november are the deadlines I set myself for that) and push in a marathon or two to get it all up to speed in the end...

Fingers crossed!

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