donderdag 13 februari 2020

Necromunda: Gang Raids

Not all gang members just sit down and relax between the daring missions their leader plots.

Somethimes, they just look to blow off some steam, and do a bit of "business on the side"... and that is where this supplement comes in.

Given away freely with the december issue of White Dwarf, I just needed to have this.  I loved Necromunda in it's first incarnation (fielding House Cawdor and the Ratskin Renegades, the latter became a truly monstrous band taking on all commers), but unfortunatly the new edition hasn`t seen the light of day at TSA.  But that doesn`t mean I don`t have a gang (still boxed) nor the intention to actually play this game one day.

And this little booklet might be just the right tool to play it at home, solo if need be, or against some other players that pass by.  It contains rules for a small portion of your band to march off on a small scale mission like a robbery or even a bar fight, the rewards are petty (well, mostly bragging rights), and it contains some fun looking scenarios.

It is a true full fledged supplement that one received for free, and worth snatching up if you still can!

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