maandag 27 juli 2015

A Goal Completed: Kawashita Tag

Albeit a small one, that is one yearly goal I can scratch of the list (or better said, mark as `Completed` on the bar in the left) for 2015.

Last week I amassed enough credits to obtain my one goal in Andromeda`s Gates, the tag of my corporation.

This was as I said in my very first build the only real goal I had in the game, and now I can build on and off as time permits (and AoM allows) for the RBG without the self inducted pressure of `must build for credits` every week.

So now I`m sporting three tags on Eurobricks, not to shabby for my limited participation: Mitgardian Elite (basically handed out to those who are active for the guild), The Silver Dwarf for participating in the Mitgardian challenge for Book 2 of Guilds of Historica and the Kawashita Corporation tag for engaging in Andromeda`s Gates and getting enough credits to purchase that.

Now to try and secure the next one on there, getting my greedy paws on those last two Tolkien sets I`m still missing ;-)

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  1. Do you have a link to you profile? I am a bit curious now


    Thats my Eurobrick profile, for more on the sci-fi thingy, just go to the Science Fiction board there :-)