vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Zutendaal 2015: Hagen`s Holiday Snapshots

So those two days out turned into four, but yesterday evening we got back from some RnR in the Limburg village of Zutendaal, located near the dutch border and city of Maastricht.

And even with being cut off from the internet and `some` catching up to be done, we`re back in action now and presenting you with the holiday pictures, as seen by Hagen, my Guilds of Historica sig-fig and faithful travelling companion.

Day 1: the Narvik Mooi Zutendaal parc

Our place of residence with the whole family, this was a childfriendly parc.  Big swimming pool, big playgardens, wholy emerged in the greens.  The vacation houses where functional, and made completely out of wood adding a cosy layer to it.  And the restaurant was both great AND cheap, not a regular combination on these sorts of vacation villages.

The parc is located a short driving distance from about everything the border region has to offer, but when I went to the reception to pick up some tourist flyers, I found...

... this.  A 10% voucher for purchases at Bricksworld Legoworld, 20km from the parc.  So on the next day...

Day 2: Heerlen and Kerkrade

So we drove there, and found a big (95%) Lego retailer store.  It had a lot of builds, both sets and others, on display

But near the end of one of the shelves, I found something worth the whole internet-less vacation: Battle at the Black Gate, one of the few remaining sets I needed, and with the voucher it cost me 72 euro.

I also snatched up the Castle set from the The Lego Movie range, and you received a free poster with each purchase (my mum `bought` the Movie set: more persons buying was more vouchers we could use).  A Chima, a Star Wars Rebels and a Ninjago one.

Wait, three posters?  Yups, Chu did make her very first, for her own, Lego purchase.  Some small bags of bricks, the cones because she thinks she needs them, and the flowers because she likes them.  I`m so proud of my little AFOL in the making.

The next stop was to Kerkrade, 10 km further down the road.  Here, Humpty and Dumpty has seen that there was a Laser Tag game, so on the premises of the Roda JC Parkstadium (Dutch highest division soccer team) this old geezer went in with the teenagers to hide in the dark and pop some beams.  It must have been almost 20 years since I last did this.

And I came out on top, hehehe, no-one beats the Cool Uncle ;-)

Day 3: Het Blotenvoetenpad

Or `naked feet walk`.  Never again.  This is a 2km walk over the Lietenbergh, where you can `sensate` the feeling of nature... which came down to barefoot trudging over a enclosed path (no way to get out if you suffer something like a cut in your toe) with sand, mud, wooden planks, razor-sharp stones, slippery stones right after water...

It was a torment for me and my broken knees, and I can imagine some people really loving this, but those are probably also loving hugging cows and humping trees.

The best part was this frog, as he was pictured right at the end of the suffrances...

But they did have Emmet who seemingly paid it a visit in the past.

Day 4: Maastricht

The final day we went to the lovely city of Maastricht for some sightseeing.  The city is littered with churches, but also great things like parts of the old city walls.

It was a fantastic holiday, bar perhaps some minor inconveniences caused by one of the kids starting to hit puberty hard, but the red line was that we at least had this everyday ;-)

Until next time, when Hagen will be visiting Cochem near the end of August.

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  1. Hello,
    have been in Cochem last May of this year. A big surprise was a lovely Italian Ice Cream Bar at the end of the walking street, just near the bridge over the Mosel River : Ithink the address is on the corner of BernStrasse with the LiniusStrasse. Happy Holliday !

  2. Ow yes, I remember that one from last summer, delicious!