zondag 12 juli 2015

Planning the MOC`s for 2016

The year has past it`s halfway marker, and so that means it`s about time to start thinking on which things I`ll be wanting to give a try in 2016.

Now, as you can see in the left hand bar of this page, I still have a lot of ideas and want to do`s to go for 2015 even, but this is also the time I should start paying attention to the PAB Wall in the Lego store to see what I`ll be needing lots of, so yup, planning time.

The first project I really want to make next year is at last my LunaMaria Hawke`s Zaku.  Bar being the pilot being darn sexy, the idea of a pink Gundam is just to great to pass up, so that will definitly be something to look into... and pass by sales of Friends and Elves with great intrest ;-)

The second thing high on my list next year is... Harry Potter.  This might even turn into a collaboration with my until recently not intrested in Lego GF, who right now is even considering going out to events and display.  I can only slowly nurture this feeling and be cheerful for it.

My idea of what I would love to build is the village square of Hogsmeade, as it was shown in the Lego video games.  Looks like a nice and doable project personally.

Talking displays, next year I got my eyes set on at least one more, bigger Lord of the Rings display set to be created, being the Shire.

But apart from those, I also am starting to play with the idea of making display sets for Jurassic World, which can then be attached to complete build from nothing plates with the older Dino range beasts like the Triceratops.  Not entirely sure on this plan yet, as it is lingering in the far back of my mind and a `maybe` for now.

Of course, there will be the regular builds for the RBG`s of Guilds of Historica, as I know for one I won`t be able to complete all 12 remaining buildings this year probably, and I have been snapping and googling pictures from a variety of places to have inspiration to draw one.

For the Andromeda`s Gates RBG, which for now is slowly having to go on the backburner for a while as I`m starting to focus on builds for GoH and as such Brick Mania Antwerp, I think I`m going more on the `Super Sentai` style as influence of building.  Like that Machine Buffalo I showed a WiP for a few weeks ago...

Ah well, so many, many ideas, and so few time to do it...

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