donderdag 9 juli 2015

Building some angry kitties

On this glorious day where the second coming of... oh never mind, it`s my B-day today, but nevertheless we keep bricking on, even if that 40s barrier has come closer another year.

And this week, it`s a bit of a small set, but one I bought a few off, and still need to get me one more someday (if I think about it when ordering from Lego) to complete my regiment: The Sabretooth Tribal Pack.

Like the Polar bear pack I did months ago, this one fits nicely in my Mitgardian army I`m putting together one figure at a time, and set 70232 brings along 3 Sabretooth warriors, another of those gorgeous Chima banners and a weapon of war.

The figures are nicely detailed and come with transparent blue limbs to represent the frozen warriors of the past.

The banner is a beige colour in this set, and it`s build is rather simple, but I just love those banners in the whole line, and being in plastic they are rather durable as well.

We then start the disc launching war machine in the set by adding some technic bricks on a brown 2x4.

The wheel base is put at the bottom while ferocious looking teeth hang from the front.

The ski`s are then added, and the machine looks like a vicious tiger maw, ready to dish out some frozen justice.

The final parts of the set are two small sections of rockwork, nothing fancy but good bricks for the collection.

The set stands completed:

And the usual left oversm another nice pile of small handy elements.

These tribal packs are for me definintly great value for money to be used as an army builder set, as they often go in promotions and cost over here as such around the 6.50 mark.  Which is really spiffy!

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