maandag 27 juli 2015

Inspirational Lego 28

While the weather here is all wet and gray, that doesn`t stop me from trying to put a glare of awe on your face as I`m presenting another set of great builds I stumbled across.

Ranging from big builds to detailed micro scale works, there is so much eye candy out there on the internet that there is probably something for everyone`s taste.

Starting this week is this large medieval castle scene.  It is all dark and gloomy due to the use of the browns in the surrounding area, and truly a magnificent piece of work.

Lego builders are considered artists by some, and when they start building actual artworks, the results can be pretty amazing.

A popular subtheme of Lego is the world war 2 era, though Lego itself will never produce anything amongst those lines.  But a lot of `third party` sets are out there enabling you to recreate your favorite machines.

While Lego has Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, back in those movie days the Chronicles of Narnia where also brought to the movie medium.  This is one very excellent build of that magical world!

Microscale presents challenges in itself, as how to have small bricks represent large structures.  This rocket launching base is just fantastic looking, and I love the lift off effect made by the ice cream pieces.

There is also a popular `aerotech` subtheme out there, with Brick Journal even having spend a special around it.  Set in a fantasy ww2 era, these feature classic looking planes with more modern technology.

Warhammer 40k... even the popular game finds his way into Lego...

I wonder which beasties will be hiding in those eggs... Raptor?  T-rex? Or rather a brave Triceratops?  We will just have to wait until they hatch.

One of the recent builds during Andromeda`s Gates was this great eagle, from a challenge to detail the local fauna and flora.  It took the first place in the challenge, and rightly so!

We end this week with a true classic of television: Airwolf!

So this was my selection again, see you again next monday for more Lego eye candy found on the internet!

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