vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 2872 Witch and Fireplace

In today`s blast from the past, I`m tackling an older set which over the years since I got back in lego have probably already bought for half a dozen times.

You see, they can often be found around the 2.50 mark, and it is a nice little thingy to bump up your collection of Magic users in fantasy moc`cing.

Now, this set from 1997 isn`t that spectacular in piece count at 15 pieces, but with a very cool and handy minifigure for elements.  Printed robe, scary face, pointy hat... and a bat and cat minipets to boot.

The fireplace itself is based on a 4x4 light grey plate upon we use trans orange for the glowing coals and black to make the bodywork.

On top of this, we put a red plate of 2x4 to make the roof of the fireplace.

Add some potions and detailing to the little set and it is already completed once you add a barrel and glass orb to it.

Small set, which is the equivalent of a current day polybag, but so worth it for all the small thingies it comes with... including the left over pieces with a second wand and two of those orange transparant studs.

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