zondag 12 juli 2015

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

While going through the tedious process of sorting out all of the Smurf`s lego, I`m beating the dullness by watching some movies and series these days in order to keep motivated.

And it`s a LOT of sorting work, as for years he has just been tossing everything in a big box, followed by tantrums when he didn`t find a piece he was looking for...

And so it came to be that today I watched the 2014 movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  Now, I never been quite a fan of the franchise.  The originals, though charming by age, was never really my thing, the Wahlberg remake had some nice moments, and the new new reboot of which is the second one... well... this might sound odd but is to `Animal Planet` documentary for me.

Though we have on the one hand Ceasar who wants to help the humans to gain their trust and faith with restoring power to the dam of San Francisco, and on the other hand Koba who wants to exterminate the human survivors to make the ape the dominant species, it`s still a lot of interacting with what looks like half a dozen `smart apes` and legions of mindless soldiers.  Not the hierarchical, hihly advanced future society of the old movies.

This all leads to a battle between human on the one side and ape on the other, with Ceasar, once having overcome the evil Koba, and Carver, his human friend, realising the war is now in full swing and the military is on the way, setting the scene for a third movie as a chance of peace has been wasted.

One perhaps silly complaint I had about the movie is actually the level of the recorded sound.  When the apes are `talking` and screaming, the sound goes through the roof compared to the very silent talking of the humans, making it at times even a jiggling with the sound volume on the remote.

I guess it`s an okay movie as such, but for me personally, this wasn`t my thing...

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