woensdag 15 juli 2015

Rivendell Display: The planning phase

A small update really, as I haven`t gotten that much time to build recently, and some other projects have taken priority first...

While I did show the baseplate a few weeks ago that has been filled up, I now plated the whole thing and started to place the `filler` for getting a better picture for myself on what I`m going to do.

The general idea is that the back will become a raised mountain side.  In front of that, slightly to the (as seen looking at the picture) is going to be a platform where the Council of Elrond set is going to sit.

On the right side, there will come a waterfall and a small river like in the Lego game and the movies.  To `bridge` over the water to the platform, I`m going to try and add a small walkway with sloped edges, to have a place for the PS3 Lego exclusive of Elrond.

Just a general idea churning in my head, but I HOPE to have it ready by the time Brick Mania Antwerp takes place.

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