zondag 19 juli 2015

The Mitgardian Army: WIP update 19th of July

Thanks to Miniaturetrading.com, I managed to exchange CMF`s for the missing Highlander and the missing Barbarian I still needed for my force of Mitgardia.

Aimed to have the `army` completed by Brick Mania Antwerp, that means I`m slowly but steadily gathering all the troops for this 150 strong rag tag band of stout northern troops.

Every medieval army had small units of skirmishers to disturb enemy archer lines, and that is just what these two small bands have as a role on the battlefield.  I used some thrid party and some official parts to customise those last two additions to act as `unit champions`, to add some variety to the force though.

Keep in mind the base plates are still placeholders, once the force is fully completed I hopefully will be able to uniform those as well, but for now the force looks like this:

The next regiment about to be completed is the Yeti one, as the last lacking member of that group is also somewhere in the mail currently, so hopefully he arrives soon :-)

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