zaterdag 25 juli 2015

Fractale - review

This latest anime series I`ve been watching is a bit different from my usual `drug` of giant mecha and space operas.

Consisting of 11 episodes that where originally aired in Japan in 2011, it`s a mix and mash of an early 20th century Ireland, interlaced with technology from the future.

Every person has an apparent `Doppel`, a virtual reality alter ego of those persons living together in a land that closely resembles Ireland, even showing an animated Galway as location.  Clain is one of the residents, and one day he meets a girl named Phryne. 

She is clearly not from this world, an Earth where poverty and war are eradicated and everyone is supplied with what he needs for a comfortable, prosperous living.  But she leaves him a pendant before dissappearing, and this activates a female avatar named Nessa.  Together with this doppel he goes out to search for Phryne and along the way discovers the nature of the `Fractale System`, the VR environment that runs the world.

Though not a new concept (The Matrix!), the colourfull and cheery style of the animation make this series a very enjoyable experience to watch.  But don`t mistake this for a happy kids show, as it has some serious adult themes it tackles.  Phryne for example has become so reluctant to making friends due to her having been sexually abused.  Not a theme you would like your 6 year old to watch just because it all looks nice, friendly and colourfull...

Fractale is a very good animation series you might surely want to pick up through Manga Entertainment for example, and gives you even some food for afterthought about what our world could become as in the real life we are getting closer and closer to Virtual Reality!

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