dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6830 Space Patroller

Or as I tend to call it, the little droid plane...

Hailing from the Neo Space age of Futuron, this little set is a nice blend of what the explorers range back then was about: sleeker lines then classic Space, and some more detachable elements, in this case a bunch of small robots.

The set comes with one of the yellow uniformed Futuron minifigures, a colour due to popular scif-fi franchises of boldly going origins is in the fandom usually related to an engineer.

The first part of the build are the robots, two similar, rather easily assembled robots. 

The vessel itself starts on a 2x4 plate with black hinges for the swoopable wings afterwards

The pilot `pit` is then added, and to the back we place the holders for both robots, who do apparent double shifts as the engines as well.

As we start building the wing plates to the bodywork, the steering console is installed as well.

Using an early version of the now famous SNOT technique, the sensors are added to the front of the canopy.

This then connected to the bodywork, and the set stands completed.

All in all, not a spectacular build or a memorable set.  It has a Futuron pilot, but in the least popular colour in general, and not any super rare or special elements that make it stand out.  The robot gimmick is funny for a few play minutes, but bar that I`m afraid this is a set that will get relegated to the back of one`s collections shelves.

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