vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 200 Family

Today I have a very, very classic build to present.  Set 200, named Family, was released way back in 1974, and I just have happened to get my hands on this set last week at the auctioneering house.

I payed 21.60 for a set of 3 different old sets as you could read here past tuesday, so this knocked me back a full 7.20 for the set.  Pity it wasn`t sealed, then we would be talking a 100+ euro set which I wasn`t opening.

Dating from a pre-minifigure era, Lego characters back then where brick build figures, on a far larger scale and with a `fixed` torso and head assembly.  This set has the grandma, father, mother, son and daughter, all following a same pattern bar grams.  She can be made either standing, or as I did, sitting on a bench.  This also results in a bit of a different report today, as it would all be rince and repeat otherwise.

Now, the fading on the faces isn`t to heavily, and bar perhaps the white plate grandma sits on, the set is rather well cleaned.

The box is in a good shape, and the instructions are even in a great condition, considering we are talking an open, 41 year old set here.  Heck, it even `pre-dates` me by 4 years.

The models all start the same way: a flat plate, and upon that some bricks are `stacked` to give them all different heights.

Girls get skirts, which are created by adding two slopes opposing each other.

Grandma is seated by placing a white plate on two bricks, then here leg `bricks` are rotated towards the back and onto the plate.

It`s a pretty cool set, and definitly gives a special `feel` when you hold something so old in your hands!

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