woensdag 1 juli 2015

The MOTHER'S Lego haul

*Enter best Palpatine impression* : Yes yes, goooood....

I told you I had quite a few Lego Hauls to share today, and here is number 3 of the 4.

And it ain`t even something I hauled, but something my mum brought along from a flea market last sunday.  Okay, she did give me a ring, but the training of Darth Moeder is going quite nicely.

The first thing she snatched up was the bag of parts for 10 euro.  It has a minimal amount of non-Lego in it, and only some `rare` items with for example the Power Miners beastie and the alien head, but it is just waht I like the most: plain, basic, loose bricks.

The second stall she raided, she got some boxes, used but complete.  The police van and the large Power Miner monster are at the prizes still attached, but a phone call and a quick BL search later, she could take along the big set along for 20 euro.

Nice one mom, nice one!

But if you think you`ve seen some good hauls earlier today... you`re going to cry out your eyes when the fourth one hits today.

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