donderdag 2 juli 2015

Andromeda's Gates - Listening Post

For my next entry into the Andromeda's Gates Role Building Game (or RBG for short, I just found out this actually is a `common` term for this sort of thingies), I went for a build of a Listening Post to spy on nearby corporations.

It`s also the first time I`m going to try and weave a story with avatar pictures, so that is a first for me...

*** Start Log ***

Julali 2nd, AD 3825

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

I find myself together with Engineering Professor Sai-Saichi on the mountainous planetside of Crentium, located on the A08 grid of the Andromeda Cluster.  We where send here by The Pale Lady in order to try and obtain data on the fact if MANTIS is planning any moves in this direction after the skirmishes on Guinevere, grid location A06.

Well professor, I must say, so far nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Yes Thessues, that might be so, but remember we thought there wouldn`t be any movements at first on Guinevere either, but then they apparantly used some sort of stealth technology to slip through our grids and establish a foothold before our first colonisers arrived.

Yeah, that was pretty sneaky.  Do you have any idea if this sonic listening device of you can...

It`s not 'sonic', it`s 'sonar'

Right, that whotnot`s then.  So, do we have any idea if it would pick them up if we did that again?

Errrm eeerrmmm EEERRRMM

I am afraid I must report that for the moment Prof. Sai-Saichi is occupied in all kinds of serious calculations and recalibrations.  Apparently, he didn`t take into account the risk of the enemy using stealth technology, so unless they step on a branch really hard, the only thing we will be hearing here is going to be the gentle rocking of the water against the cave`s entrance...

*** End Log ***

So there it is, another chapter in the tale of an adventurous miner and his efforts to pave a way for himself in the Andromeda's Gates.

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