zondag 26 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 2848 Fright Knight Flying Machine

If Lego ever had a list of most silly designs ever made, this thing would definitly be in it.

Face it, you get a knight sitting on a thing bordered by flames, spewing flames from no particular engine construct and steered by a glass orb... and yet, this is one set that is definintly worth getting multitudes off.

The set is from the small boxed set range that these days would come in a polybag, and used complete without box is purchaseable on BrickLink and the likes for between 2 to 4 euro... and is worth it as we`ll see later on.

It contains a Fright Knight as minifig, including their not so fashionable hairstyle and their cool batwinged evil helmets.

The build itself is centered around a plate and a large red wedge piece.

All sorts of attachement parts and jumpers are mounted on this central axis, to connect a hotchpotch of elements to it.

The orb is placed at the front, and the flames and spears to respectively the back and the sides, and that is basically the whole `machine`.

The completed set:

But why is this set so worth it you ask? 

Well, you get some rather handy and not to common parts and figures in it: a Fright Knight minifig with the bat helmet, a bat animal, a chrome sword, the transparent orb... these alone make it more then worth it if you can snatch a dozen of them for your MOC`s in the lower range of it`s current price.

So while the whole thing looks silly, it`s a set you`d purely get for the elements...

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