woensdag 15 juli 2015

A Small but Nice Lego Haul today

A bit of everything fell in the mailbox today, and so the collection (and the pile) keep on growing.

Though not really big, spectacular sets, they are little things, handy for a variety of thingies if not only the parts or figs...

The first thing to arrive was this little parcel through Kiala.  Last week, I bought some small sets through a Lego group on Facebook for about 12 euro for the 4.  Two of the really old dinosaur line (like the one I also got last week), who are for use in a future project (see next entry), the little Ice Planet 2002 flyer and the Fright Knights flying machine.  The latter two will be build, then parted for future use :-)

So those dinosaurs... today i received the new engraved bricks I ordered through Mijn Blokje.  In a super speedy way, I ordered past sunday, payed monday, received the payment confirmation yesterday and found the bricks in my mailbox this morning.  Seems The Flash has found a new occupation apart from crime fighting.

As I talked about past weekend, and you can see here, it won`t be hard to guess which sort of displays are churning in my mind.  The brick build dino`s are for the Visitor Center, I want them there on pedestals (together with the female researcher from the Ideas Institute set and her T-Rex skeleton) as `displays in the display`.

And the Harry Potter ones are for the family collab ;-) though the idea of having Harry Snotter being eaten by a T-Rex did cross my mind...

The final parcel came from Lego: a big box containing... the episode 6 poster and the new Friends promo polybag, and nothing else (the B-Wing is on backorder as it was on sale, no idea how that accounted for the Friends set as you`re supposed to spend 30 on either Princess, Friends or Elves sets, but I ain`t complaining, freeby is freeby).

So that is another nice little stash of little thingies, and some nice ones to boot.  Not always does it have to be `big is beautiful`...

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