donderdag 16 juli 2015

Building a Friends horsey

For today, I have a small set up my sleave as build reporting goes, since the school holidays and medical issues are seriously cutting in my time, not to mention a heap of builds I`m working on for both Guilds of Historica and Andromeda`s Gates

So today, the focus goes to the small set from the Friends range, 41089, Little Foal.  

Shortly even after it came out last january, it was at Kruidvat already at discount, going 3.79 instead of 4.99, so I picked up this one as well as the bunny family set.

Opening the box, you get the nice little horsey, which will be of great use in Medieval builds, and the amount of bricks to make the little stable it resides in.

The first bright and simple build is a small basin for the feeding of the foal.

We then continue with the stable itself, which is based on a light green 6x6 plate, and rounded by tans.  God, I keep repeating myself, but I just love those so-mislabelled `girly Lego ranges` for the colour selections.

A tap and grooming equipment is then added to the sides of the little place, before we close it off with some greenery.

The extra parts on this sort of small set are obviously limited

And it stands completed.

Once more, a nice little set from a range I rarely consider as a `mis-buy`.  Friends is cheap for not being a license product, and has great selections of both parts and colours.

I guess I`m going to pick up a few more of this one to fill my stables with foals...

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