maandag 13 juli 2015

Agent Carter - review

One of the benefits of having to sort Lego, is that you get a lot of backlog watching done.  And today, I went through both the Smurf`s brick collection in that in a few hours time it`ll all be wrapped, and the `fill in` series for last years mid season Agents of SHIELD break.

Spanning 8 episodes, this series ties in with the first Captain America movie, and Peggy Carter, his sweetie.

When Steve crashed, Peggy found herself in a post war situation that over at the SSA, the Secret Service of America, she is relegated to dull deskjobs in a testosteron controlled world.  Billionaire, inventor and general playboy Howard Stark (yes, father of) is framed with selling his weapons to the enemy, and recruits Peggy to do a secret investigation to clear his name.

Aided by Howard`s butler Jarvis (yes, who would become Tony`s computer and ultimately The Vision) she does discover it are machinations of a changing world and a cold war that has begun.  Ex Nazi scientists, russian infiltrated assassins, the whole shabang is present... including even a cameo by Armin Zola.

Slowly she gains more attention from her male collegues and help in her aid, as she works to uncover the conspiracy against Howard.

This is actually a really enjoyable series, giving that typical post-war movie feel (including radio plays and all) of the classic 60s movies.  And the low tech high tech inventions of Stark are just fantastic (like the detonating vest, really well executed).

The series has rightly so been renewed for a second season, and it helps to keep this, what will eventually lead to the foundation of SHIELD, superhero less series around with AoS moving on that path now.  The heroes here don`t have powers, like the Howling Commando`s.

Okay, and Hayley Atwell is `very easy on the eye` as well, combined with her and Jarvis`s english accents standing out against the New Yorkers.

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