zaterdag 25 juli 2015

AoM House Phase 2: The Forge of El Dragao

It has been a while with all those sci-fi builds, but I`m back at last to building for Guilds of Historica, and tying this build for Age of Mitgardia in with the continuing Algus Saga.

Bravely, the young hedge knight Lorastan approached the large house.  He had heard the tales, he had the scroll he found in the old library with him. 

"A blade forged by a dragon".  That was it, that was the solution the North needed to fend of the invaders of the Frozen Beyond.  And he had tracked down this master smith for just that thing.

Arriving at the smithy, he was greated by the master smith.  They had sat down and he had told him of the stories he had heard, that he needed to find not only a special ore, but would have had the blade bathed in the breath of a fire dragon.

"Nonsense!" the smith had declared.  "What that scroll implies is that you need a sword forged by ME, the great smith El Dragao!  Ages ago, I learned the craft from the big firewurm Flambretsky himself, mightiest of the dragons of the roaring flame!"

"But it will cost you a hefty sum though" he had added.

Lorastan considered his options, and he agreed.  Surely, this blade would cost him not only everything he owed, but would leave him indebted to the smith for years to come if he failed.  But he wasn`t going to fail, no sir, he was going to defeat the Algus, and the riches and fame would make him one, if not the, mightiest knight of Mitgardia.

He watched with enthousiasm as El Dragao set to work.

Later, on some frozen wasteland.

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