donderdag 30 juli 2015

Building The Knight

Another small set gets the `build report` this week, as I just got in today.

Again a set that these days would be labelled as a polybag promo, the Knight, set 5615, is from the Castle range.

Featuring basically a minifig and his weaponrack, this is like the medieval version of the Hawkeye polybag from about two years ago, and opening the small box, we an instruction leaflet and a small pile of bricks.

The Knight itself comes with a determined facial expression.

The weaponsrack starts out on a green plate, with brown cones for the `feet` of the rack.

Upon this, small shelves are added with hook parts for adding weaponry to the side posts.

The equipment is hung and placed over the weaponsrack next, and as such the set is completed.

And it even has a few extra pieces...

Not a bad buy actually if you can get it on the cheap these days, as you get a nice selection of medieval gear for your moccing efforts, and some general, handy elements in brown and green.

Next week, I`m moving to something bigger again, with the first of the Jurassic World sets I bought back in june when they came out...

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