zondag 26 juli 2015

Last weeks Lego haul

I might have been away, that didn`t stop the mailman from stuffing goodies in the mailbox ;-)

And it is a nice variety of items that found it`s way to `Casa Murrath`, covering a wide variety of ranges.

The first was this classic building ideas book, which I tracked down through a Facebook group.  Covering City, Space and Castle, they all contain small building plans for some great additions to your collection.

The second arrival is a Star Wars B-Wing, which I took due to it being discounted in the sales section of the Lego site, and ordered it to get my poster.  Now I admit, I`m not sure if I`ll crack the seals on this one, or keep it as a small investment with a possible small minor profit.  I`ll see what I`ll be doing with it.

Finally, some BrickLink orders came in.  An order of various loose bricks, one of small transparent cheeseslopes for my Rivendell build and one with two of the old Pteranodons and some grass for Jurassic World display work, together with Chu`s baseplate.

Nice stuff all around :-)

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