dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Today`s Haulings: 40 year old Lego boxes and more

What a great day of hauls it was indeed, as I went to my local auctioneering house and managed to take home some amazing goodies.

But that wasn`t everything the mailman dropped by though, so here is the full range of `winnings` for this little geek :-)

The main prize of course are these three complete sets of lego, ranging between 1973 and 1976 in release date.  All are with box and instructions, the bricks are still clean, and I paid an amazing 21.60 euro for the lot

Also there, I picked up this 20 year old Star wars: The Empire Strikes Back movie poster for just under a 10er.

The mailman rang this morning with a `few` parcels, the first one containing one of my missing Lord of the Rings sets I managed to grab rather cheaply (and sealed) in... Estonia.

There where also part 2 and part 3 of my order from AwesomeBooks, so I now have all Harry Potter books, and had paid 17 GBP for the whole series including shipping.  I love their `Magic Bundle` deals, having scored rather awesome deals there in the past as well.

For my The Burrows display project, Arthur Weasley found his way to my doorstep, together with a Chima figure for bulking out my army.

Talking Chima, I picked up the magazine earlier this week together with the Friends magazine.

The final score are these two glasses from local fast food chain `Quick`.  Take a heroes menu, and you get a glass with it, so both me and Chu went for a burger.  And the mother is going tomorrow to get me glass 3 of 5, the Flash ;-)

A pretty fantastic few days if you ask me, and some really, really great items :-D

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