woensdag 1 juli 2015

Lego Haul Birthday Voucher

Thanks Michael and Sara!

For my birthday, I received this gift voucher for the local Bart Smit toy store chain.

So taking advantage of having to go to the center this morning, to pop by in the store and grab me a nice little heap of bricks for the collection.

My eye fell on the Creator `Red Animals` set, as well, it has a lot of red bricks, and at 15.99 (yeah, the main street stores are bit more expensive then the official Lego store, who cares) I also went over a promotion limit they have running.

Until the 2nd of August (or stock depletion), if you buy for 15+ euro on Lego at Bart Smit, you get a free polybag, being either a City set at my local store, or the one I picked, the Star Wars Rebels Tie Advanced Prototype polybag.

So for the incredible amount of 0.99 euro, I have not only the Creator set, but the polybag as well.

Another great haul this week... and many more to come.

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