donderdag 2 juli 2015

Blade and Soul review

In this sweltering heat that is hitting lil` old Belgium like a jackhammer on a glass table, one of the few things you `actively` do at evenings is hang in a chair and watch some series while having the fan blow full force in your face.

And yesterday, that was Blade and Soul that was on the menu, a 13 episode long based anime on the MMO of the same name.

At first I thought it was the wind of the fan getting in my eyes, but nope, it wasn`t...

WHAT a TOTAL heap of RUBBISH was this.

The animations are so-so... and the main characters are having just a bit to much fan service.  Set in a sort of medieval world with modern guns and the occassional industrial site, the series focusses on a lost warrior from the Clan of the Sword who is framed for murdering her master.

She is out to seek revenge on the dark powers behind this, and in doing so tries to help out people where she can while ever moving closer to her goal.

The battle sequences are flashy, and the (female) protagonists are drawn quit okay, but it`s all bout bumping boobs amongst otherwise mediocre drawn settings and characters.  Most of the supporting cast are just down right obnoxious, and when they are female, they also have gravity defying front parts that wibble and wobble like a christmas pudding.

I can imagine your average 14 year old, locked in his room behind his pc playing the game thinks this is the summun of recent year anime series, but if you REALLY want to see `something`, you better can watch your average hentai movie.  Heck, it is probably better drawn and has a stronger story then this total waste of time.

And did I mention it is just 13 times 22 minutes of fan service...

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