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Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars - Keith R. A. DeCandido book review

Though Tiberium is a resource that could solve the world's energy crisis, it is also incredibly destructive, spreading disease, death and devastation.  Tiberium has divided the planet into two factions: the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), which tries to maintain order at any cost, and the Brotherhood of Nod, a terrorist organization turned superpower that believes with religious fervor in the potential of Tiberium.  The groups have already fought two world wars, killing millions.

Now, in the year 2047, a viscious Nod attack compels GDI to mobilize.  Another epic global war is being waged, with humanity`s fate in the balance.  One of the GDI's top units, the 22nd Infantry Division, must halt Nod`s agenda and keep the world from devolving into further chaos and the loss of life.  But in the midst of heavy fighting all over the world, mysterious visitors arrive... who may spell doom for the human race.

Let`s face it, any wargamer from around my age has been spending hours playing RTS games in the pre-internet days, and chances are great you have been playing C&C then.

This novel is what I call a `light read`, without meaning any disrespect.  It`s like most of those 300 page paperback novels, from writers active over the whole spectrum of franchises.  Star wars, Star Trek, Warcraft... you know, small books fitting nicely in your pocket and tying in with the lores of popular franchises.  Great books with stories that `live out` brightly in your imagination because you just KNOW the characters described and how they look on their respective mediums (movies, television, games, ...).

I really enjoy this sort of books as a relaxation item, like when lying in the bath tub or riding public transportation, right before bed, as you don`t need all your attention zeroed in to be able to understand decently what is happening, and this one is no exception.

The tale centers on two people in particular, Ricardo Vega, son of a war hero of the GDI who is making a blitz career through the ranks, and Ms Wu, a reporter that goes into the `yellow zone` to paint a portret of life outside the nice and cosy, but heavily regulated GDI blue zones.

It is a nice and enjoyable read, and I always liked DeCandido`s style in the Star Trek novel series.  These sort of books are usually easily picked up in second hand bargain bins for one or two euro, and it is worth it for some nostalgia (it takes place at the same time as the game with the same name) and some light reading.  Of course, don`t expect Pulitzer price material, but for a nice sci-fi zap blast boom read with a bit more `detailed gruesome drama` then more regular and `cleaner` franchises, this is your book.

Oh, and game wise, my allegiances lay with...

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