vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Le Chevalier D`Eon review

Sometimes, the oldies are better then everything new they are throwing at us...

And that is definitly something that goes for Le Chevalier D`Eon, a 24 episode long anime, based on the manga of similar name, from 2006.

The series is placed near the end of the reign of France's Louis XV, when an emmisary of the crown, Lia de Beaumont, is found dead in a casket drifting on the Seine.  Her brother swears to avenge her, and this spirals him down into a scheme of events he never anticipated.

While the unrestful soul of his sister tends to take possession of his body when facing the forces of evil, called Poets, in his quest to find the Psalm of the King, He and his companions Robin, Teillagory and Durant find out that there was a lot more to his sister then he knew.

Working in concert with Maximillien Robespierre, she actually bestowed the psalms on royalty in europe, but  that the plan is that the people overthrow the ruling castes and rise to the true power, as nobility is a thing from the past.  As they travel through Russia and into England, d`Eon learns some harsh truths... and a very unexpected conclusion.

The series is well drawn and `soft on the eyes`, something I find a bit troublesome in a lot of current day series who are all about bangs and flashes.  Combine this with some great scenes like the palace of Versailles animations and a sublime soundtrack, and you get a series that is well worth investing your time in.

The manga might differentiate (quite a lot) at times, including characters left out of the anime, but the story remains largely untouched and gives some great swashbuckling action and political intrigues :-)

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  1. I loved this series - a very unusual take on 'zombies' and a brilliant bit of alternate history, with all the intrigue and double-crossing one would expect from 18th Century nobility, and plenty of very well-animated swordplay.