zaterdag 18 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6923 M-Tron Particle Ionizer

This is it, my favorite M-Tron set from the whole line.  Is it because I grew up with Airwolf?  The colour contrasts with the rotor?  I don`t know, but it is something with this vessel that gets my inner brick nerd all fired up.

One of the `medium` sets of the M-Tron range, this set came out in 1990 and counted 173 pieces, what would label it in the 30s range these days.

The set comes with one of the brave miners in their gorgeous spacesuits (for me, second only to Ice Planet 2002).  The coloursscheme just `work`.

The other minifig is a brick build droid, based around one of the sci-fi steering wheels.

The vessel itself then.  We start by laying down the foundations of the ship with the two central sections, whom are then connected using long black bricks.

Upon this frame, we are placing the plates that are outlining the contours of the vessel.

The underside is locked in place by using round plates, and the engine skids are added to the back end of the ship.

On the top side, we are now starting the build up of the structural hull, which shows the loading bay and all.

Those side flaps sporting the M-Tron logo is one of the details that really do it for me.

The canopy is added next to the build.

Back fins and folding wings that contain storage space then bulk out the vessel, giving it a sleek line.

Magnet Power!  We now add the foldable crane to the build, that allows the cargo container to be lifted in and out of the back section.

The rotor section is added, and this can not only spin around, but also tilt frontwards to give it some more poseability.

The droid can be folded up and stored under one of the wing sections.

The final build is the cargo container itself.  This can be stored in the back of the vehicle by means of the crane, and as the crane folds down it doesn`t look bulky.

The finished vessel, as I said, I just love this space helicopter look.

A great set, and if you`re into the older space series and lack this particular one, it is definitly worth the chase on BrickLink and the likes.  It isn`t that expensive considering it is from a 25 year old range, and a smooth addition to any shelf!

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