zaterdag 18 juli 2015

A great haul: Lego and Action Figures

Flea Market time today, in the park near my home in Merksem.  So together with the Smurf, the GF and my parents, we set out for some hunting...

And while I hauled away half an olympic village for the kid with a mini Ping Pong table, hockey stick and rugby ball amongst a heap of soccer player action figures and FC De Kampioenen stripbooks, I got myself some pretty neat thingies as well.

The top find was this full box of Lego, mainly `normal` bricks but also a ship hull, some really old plates (where it still had Lego printed at large on the bottom) and some train parts, for 30 euro.

Bit further, I found another bag of mainly basic bricks for 2.50 euro.  I`ve got enough now for sure to add some more layers to the planned Rivendell mountain ;-)

At another vendor, I managed to grab 16 action figures of various series for about half a euro each, as I paid 8.50 for the whole lot of cheap and slightly a bit less cheap (and for that I mean like 1 euro for a figure, but still...).  Good items for future trading around for the benefit of my Lego collection :-)

The figures I managed to snatch where this Diphlosaurus transformer, but I think that either I have the transformation wrong, or he is the most suggestive bot on the block.

I also grabbed two Megatron figures

A lot of 3 Superman models in various sizes.

An Action Man figure

This guy whom I still need to research who he is exactly, though I have a vague idea

These two Marvel figures: Gambit and Sabretooth

5 `chibi` WWE wrestling stars

And finally, considering the current hype best find, a Laura Dern figure from the original Jurassic Park from the 1993 Kenner toyline.

The final purchase I made where a lot of old soccer star figures, a whole box of goodies including a lot of the figures.  Half of them where for the smurf and the other goodies are for the kids of my sister-in-law, but these guys are doubles and have costed me about 1 euro for all together.

The final items are for myself, and came from another bag of soccer figures Chu found at a stand: Sergio Conceicao in his Standard Liege outfit, and a Pikachu :-)

A great day all in all and a fantastic haul for sure!

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