woensdag 1 juli 2015


Okay, I told you you might shed a tear in the earlier blogpost.

So here is the final haul of the past few days, concluding all 4 score shows.

And this one... this one is a blast.

Here we have a lot of Lego that I found on 2deHands, bit of a Craigslist style thing overhere.  Included are:
* loose bricks
* the old container ship that actually floats with the weight
* the Dragon`s Den Castle
* the Black Falcon Castle


* The one and only, with (bad shape, but who cares) box and instructions, set 375, the Yellow Castle.  Lego`s very first castle set, and with the minifigures with those cool visors (which my sig-fig still uses).

What I paid for that lot?

... 60 euro.

You can cry really hard now ;-)

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