woensdag 29 juli 2015

Minifigures Series 14 Leaflet

The leaflet of the newest Minifigures series, Series 14 and centered around Halloween, has shown up including the missing `blancs` of earlier.

And I must say there are some very intresting figures in the series, so as opposed to the previous Simpsons 2 series, I might buy a handfull of blind bags when they come out.

Even though most figures do have `some use` for MoCcing purposes, there are a few I would just like to add to the collection as is.

#4 The Witch is a figure I`m going to aim one time for
#5 Same goes for the Plant Guy, who I expect will become sought after as well on top
#6 the Fly is a model I don`t mind having half a dozen about to be used as some sort of alien trooper
#7 the `Dementor` like model is on my list for 2 - 3 copies
#9 Toger Girl is definitly the most wanted one, I could use her for another BDSM inspired build
#10 Gargoyle is the `troop builder` of my choice for this series, 10 or so will hopefully find their way to my collection
#14 the female ghost is also a recent revelation, and a model more then a few I`ll be hunting
#16 the Spider Lady is the other must have, great design, great hair piece and face

A very good looking and thematical series, and definitly in my sights!

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