dinsdag 14 juli 2015

Platinumed: LEGO Jurassic World

The latest of the Lego games to have been released, I managed to score the platinum trophy today for this nice gem of the series... but it is bugged.

The game itself visits all 4 movies, and you get to replay them in typical Lego videogame style: humourous, fun, and just great entertainment.

The game is voice acted in that for the original movies, actor lines from the films are used in the cutscenes between levels.  Each movie also has it`s own, not to big, hub, and this is where the bug is hiding.

When searching for the Gold Bricks, not all show up on the map when you use the Information Terminals, and some keep blipping yellow while you already done them. So I spend yesterday night and this morning looking around for that last yellow brick on Isla Sorna while cleaning up the game, redoing a lot of stones I already seemed to have hit, until I got to the `bash plates with a brachiosaurus` part near the InGen camping place of the second movie.  The Gold brick didn`t show on the map, but then it `pinged` and got me 275 / 275 Gold Bricks.

And my platinum trophy!

It was all in all a very enjoyable game though.  The levels are split in 2, 3 or 4 parts which you can select when redoing the level, a great bonus compared to the earliest games, and are a mixture of the regular Lego style levels and `chasing games`.

There are also half a dozen short bonus levels, where you redo the chases from the levels, but now take control of the chasing dino instead.  These are required to be done for the True Survivor, but once you have even the 2x stud multiplier, just letting it run is enough to get this.

It`s not to hard in how to obtain the bricks (especially compared to Marvel and The Hobbit), and one of the more enjoyable playing experiences of the line, though my all time favorite still remains Pirates of the Carribean.

And now, let`s commence the next one to try and platinum: The Lego Movie... though i will be revisiting this one as I still need to do the VITA edition :-)

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