vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Andromeda's Gates - Squashing Bugs

This is one of the last weekly builds in a while I`ll be doing for Andromeda's Gates, and unfortunatly it`s a small one that doesn`t grant me much hope of lots of points. 

The reasons are not that I`m bored with it or such, but it`s school holidays, which throws the whole calendar in disarray, as well as the fact I`m having to focus on building a lot of other things first.  GoH builds for the Algus Saga, displays that need to get finished for Brick Mania Antwerp in november, the Harry Potter `family collab`... so much to do, so little time.

And then there is that new Challenge for AG, consisting of 3 categories: build a fighter sized spaceship, build an interior of a spaceship room and build a bigger spaceship, all on minifig scale.  I`ve been spending the last days to build those, so together with a new entry for the Algus story I`ve finished no less then 4 bigger MOC`s for the coming weeks.  Unfortunatly, that means as well I`m running dry on material for AG now, having one more `behind`, but I`m trying to keep that one for a more opportune storytime moment.

*** Star Log ***

Julali 17th, AD 3825

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

We find ourselves on the arid desert planet of Volfort.  I have been dispatched to search the rocky undersoil for Biomass, probably left here by the sparse life that died and sank into the sand.  It seems like a *Cchhh crccchhh chhhh*

Thesseus, Thesseus, do you read?  Thesseus, come in?

Thesseus here, I read you.  What`s up Grumpy?

Scanners show activity near you, of the bad kind.  You better get yourself ready...

Activity?  What kind of activity?

I got no idea, but I`m reading energy signals and heat signals, so I guess it might be an armed scout or a pirate. 


Thesseus?  What`s going on?  Thesseus?  Thesseus?

No worries Grumpy, still here.

What happened?  Are you under attack?

Yes, but no worries, I managed to stave it off.  Apparently, some sort of MANTIS raider or prospector, he drew his gun on me.

His gun?  Did you manage it?

Yes, it`s all under control, but you can already note I did manage to get some Biomass collected.

*** End Log ***

But one thing is for sure, after this week has ran it`s course, at least I`ll have attained my personal goal I`ve set in the AG story... so it`s back to the medieval times now first!

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